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About Dana-Seals A/S

Dana-Seals A/S is a Danish independent, family-owned company. Established in 1992, we have more than 40+ years experience in serving the world market with standard and customized sealing technology and sealing solutions

The gentlemen of the industry

The story of Dana-Seals A/S

Dana-Seals is founded by technical engineer Per Gyllich. In 1992, after a long career as manager in the sealing industry, he and his wife Christina Gyllich started their customised sealing production in North Zealand, Denmark.

Dana-Seals soon became a well known brand in the industry, respected for their ingenious solutions made by loyal and experienced engineers and technicians. Applications to all kinds of conditions are always made to perfection, and promises are always kept.

Then and today, Dana-Seals is known as a company worth working for. Some employees have been at Dana-Seals from the very beginning in 1992 to this day, and customers call Dana-Seals ‘The gentlemen of the industry’.

Dana-Seals A/S

Our Mission and Vision


Fulfilling customer needs for high quality, customized solutions. We preserve the embedded energy and CO2 by prolonging the service life of machinery, and by that maximize business value.


Transform our industry one sustainable solution at a time. Bring the CSR agenda to the table by telling it like it is, being creative in co-creating solutions and by that securing profit, people, and planet

Niche market and global supplier

In 2016 Per and Christina Gyllich transferred the top management to their daughter Louise Gyllich. Today, Per Gyllich is chairman of the board, and CEO Louise Gyllich continues her parent’s vision of a company with uncompromising standards in products, production facilities and long-lasting, trust-based relations to their customers all around the world.

It is Louise Gyllich’s declared vision to continue the work her parents started out in 1992. Today, she combines her parents’ strong focus on growing the core business with an equally strong vision for growing an environmentally sustainable business.

In 2022, Louise Gyllich expanded the production facility. Today, it amounts to more than 2000 m2, making better space for the constantly growing number of employees and customers.

Louise Gyllich, CEO

Danish precision, flexibility and craftmanship

“The gentlemen of the industry”

Dana-Seals A/S

Our Team

With a flexible mindset and more than 45 years of experience, we keep our customers’ machinery and equipment reliable. We appreciate a challenge and provide comprehensive technical support and service, ensuring that you get a seal that meets all your specifications.
Our highly skilled staff have tried just about everything and happily provide service and guidance whenever needed.


Per Gyllich
Founder and Chairman of the board

Head of production

Jan Olsen
Head of production

Asger Stryhn Nielsen
Head of technical sales

Mads Petersen
Project Engineer


Marlene Richter
Order processing and procurement

Lene Mia Rasmussen
Internal sales and procurement

Arisa Konishi Beck
Quality Manager

Mads Fabricius
Digital Project Manager

Our responsible management

Our commitment to work with UN World Goal 12 and Goal 13 ensures that everyone at Dana-Seals actively engage with the sustainable agenda. Through this engagement, we seek knowledge and inspiration to set tangible goals and initiate initiatives, aligning our actions with the global drive for a more sustainable future.

Join the journey

Currently open positions

Are you our new colleague? Even when we are not actively looking for new colleagues, you are always welcome to send an application and CV to job@dana-seals.dk

Facts & figures


Year 1992 by Christina and Per Gyllich


Elsinore, Denmark


Louise Gyllich

Chairman of the Board

Per Gyllich

Production facility

2043 m2 R&D, test lab and production facility in Elsinore, Denmark

Registered product certifications



40+ PTFE-based Danaflon compounds

Product’s diameter range

ø3mm – ø3000mm


ISO 9001 & ISO 14001


REACH, RoHS, PFOA, TSCA section 6

Clients and distributors

50+ distributors and clients worldwide

Presence worldwide

Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Poland, Schweiz, Serbia, Sweden, The Netherlands, USA


100% wind energy based, CO2 neutral electricity use



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Dana-Seals makes a wide range of standard and customized seals for hydraulic applications.

  • Hydraulic cylinder seal
  • Hydraulic piston seal
  • Hydraulic rod seal
  • Hydraulic wiper seal
  • Hydraulic scrapers
  • Hydraulic wear rings
  • Hydraulic guide rings

No. The delivery time is the same for standard and special seals.

Spring activated u-cups are one of Dana-Seals’ specialities. We make both the DanaFlon PTFE compounds and the springs in-house. Our standard spring material is AISI316L EN 1.4404, which provides high chemical resistance.

The following materials are compatible with food contact and have been tested and approved in accordance with the requirements set out in the EU 10/2011

Virgin PTFE (DF10),

PTFE with Ekonol (DF12)

UHMWPE – Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (DF91, DF98)

Further DF91 and DF98 complies with FDA

DF98 has also 3A dairy

Other special materials for food applications are available on request

Our sealing application sizes varies from ø3mm to ø3000mm. All types of sealing design are available in the whole diameter range.

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