Dana Heavy Wear Rings HR803 – Rod

The Dana Heavy Wear ring is a universal guide ring for lubricated applications. Even when subjected to very high side loads, deformation of the material is extremely small. This is simply the best way to ensure that there is no metallic contact between piston and bore.


Application Examples

Working conditions:

Frequently used - DanaFlon Material
Guide ring  –30 to +100 °C
Basis Thermopolyester resin
Synthetic fabric
DanaFlon 803
Filler Aditive 
Colour Blue
Lubricating media yes
Extreme wear resistance  yes
Wide range of media (yes)
Non-lubricating media (yes)

The performance of the wear ring will always depend on the overall picture of the working conditions. Verification can only be done by testing the wear ring in the actual working conditions.

Dana Heavy Wear Rings HR803 – Rod

Technical details

Here you can see the technical details

Serial Rod Diameter Groove Diameter Groove Width Ring Thickness øDG H9
øB f8/h9 øA H7 G + 0,2- 0 W
HR250-056 300 - 2000 øB + 5 5,6 2,5 øB + 1,6
HR250-097 300 - 2000 øB + 5 9,7 2,5 øB + 1,6
HR250-150 300 - 2000 øB + 5 15,0 2,5 øB + 1,6
HR250-250 300 - 2000 øB + 5 25,0 2,5 øB + 1,6
Order example DanaHeavy wear ring 300 mm rod
Straight Cut 90° - Code 3

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